Independent label: Afrodisc was one of three labels brought into being by producer Akie Deen, from Sierra Leone; the others were Rokel and Sabanoh Sounds. All three were intended to promote West African music around London.  Initially Afrodisc labels were in an all-over zebra-stripes design. According to Music Master the injection-moulded items which came later were manufactured by Phonogram and distributed by Jama.   By the time AD-1006 was issued paper labels had returned, though the original design had changed somewhat.  Afrodisc issued records sporadically from 1974-77. Distributed By Jama. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Afro Akino Maria AFRODISC  AD 1001
74 Afro Akino Enkaa Akyiri  AFRODISC  AD 1002
75 Not Traced AFRODISC  AD 1003
75 Big Fayia & Afronational Rosaline AFRODISC  AD 1004
76 Sabanoh 75 Susana AFRODISC  AD 1005
77 Big Fayia & Afronational Alay Wu Waa AFRODISC  AD 1006
77 Pascall Alex  Ivy Wan Doe Doe AFRODISC  AD 1007
77 Ade Foster Jones: Carolina  AFRODISC  AD 1008

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