Independent label: Afrodisc was one of three labels brought into being by producer Akie Deen, from Sierra Leone; the others were Rokel and Sabanoh Sounds. All three were intended to promote West African music around London.  Initially Afrodisc labels were in an all-over zebra-stripes design. According to Music Master the injection-moulded items which came later were manufactured by Phonogram and distributed by Jama.   By the time AD-1006 was issued paper labels had returned, though the original design had changed somewhat.  Afrodisc issued records sporadically from 1974-77. Distributed By Jama. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Afro Akino Maria AFRODISC  AD 1001
74 Afro Akino Enkaa Akyiri  AFRODISC  AD 1002
75 Wagadugu  Afrocaribbean / Watin Den Do  AFRODISC  AD 1003
75 Big Fayia & Afronational Rosaline AFRODISC  AD 1004
76 Sabanoh 75 Susana AFRODISC  AD 1005
77 Big Fayia & Afronational Alay Wu Waa AFRODISC  AD 1006
77 Pascall Alex  Ivy Wan Doe Doe AFRODISC  AD 1007
77 Ade Foster Jones: Carolina  AFRODISC  AD 1008

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