Afribros Records was a DIY label. And was formed by the African Brothers Band, and was based in Ghana.  The vast majority of its products were pressed in that country, but a few singles were manufactured in the U.K.  It may be that they were merely pressed here and were not sold here, which would mean that they didn't qualify for this site, but Ghanaian-made versions of the single shown above exist, which introduces an element of doubt.  Pending confirmation one way or the other I've decided to allow the label the benefit of that doubt.  The four singles that were definitely manufactured here are listed below; KDF-1005 had a yellow label rather than an orange one.  Distributed By Afribros Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

73 African Brothers Band (International) Wose yeanko part 1, AFRIBROS KDF 1001
73 African Brothers Band (International) Asamando Akwantuo  AFRIBROS KDF 1002
73 African Brothers Band (International) Onipa Nini Aye  AFRIBROS KDF 1003
73 African Brothers Band (International) Wope Me A Ka  AFRIBROS KDF 1004
73 African Brothers Band (International) Emelia AFRIBROS KDF 1005

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