Independent label Reggae label; a subsidiary of Tackle Records.  Catalogue numbers suggest that Affection released at least eight singles in the period 1975 to 77. Numbers were in an AFF-000 series. Affection Records Former address: Tackle Records Ltd. 2 Station Offices, Station Road, London NW10. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 Bridie Stewart Can'T Let You Go AFFECTION AFF 01
75 Silver  Imagine How Life Can Be AFFECTION AFF 002
75 Bridie Stewart Sugar Me Baby  AFFECTION AFF 003
75 Carrida  Make Love To Me AFFECTION AFF 004
77 Chandell Tim  Can Be Done AFFECTION AFF 005
77 Silver  Share Up The Music  AFFECTION AFF 006
77 Teddy Davis Tears From My Eyes AFFECTION AFF 007
77 Silver  Unchained Melody  AFFECTION AFF 008

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