Independent label: Aerco dates from 1978-79; the company was based in Woking, and it appears to have functioned mainly as a custom-recording firm, making records for people who were willing to pay it to do so.  If catalogue numbers are anything to go by, Aerco released at least a dozen records, in two different numerical series: AERS-100 for singles and and AERE-1100 for EPs. The Schoolgirl Bitch single came out on the band's own label but had an Aerco catalogue number; ditto those by the Photographs, the Record Players and Noit Otni. Distributed By Aerco. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Ribs Man With No Brain AERCO AERS 101
78 Schoolgirl Bitch Abusing The Rules GARAGE AERS 102
78 Hieronymus Bosch Rockin Bachmaninov AERCO AERS 103
78 Not Traced AERCO AERS 104
78 Fizzler  Brill Plus (You Know Us)  DO NOT BEND AERS 105
79 Photographs Second Best AERCO AERS 106
79 Noit Otni & Pits A Heart Can Only Be Broken Once AUTOMOTIVE AERS 107
78 The Cybermen  The Cybermen E.P ROCKAWAY AERE 1101
78 Anniversary Give Me A Smile AERCO AERE 1102
78 Not Traced AERCO AERE 1103
78 Record Players Double C Side Ep AERCO AERE 1104
78 Jack Blaize And Judi Blue Illusion JR AERE 1105
78 Talkies In My Life AERCO AERE 1106
79 Nick Freeman And The Nick Freeman Sound The Last Farewell NICK FREEMAN SOUND AERE 1107
79 Jimmy Kincaid & The Rustler Band Me & Paul AERCO AERE 1108
79 Elite Take Away AERCO / LAS LAS 102

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