Adella Records was a DIY label. It managed two singles. Both by the same man, David Smith.  'Everywhere' b/w 'Midnight Hour', which was made through custom recording firm Lyntone, came out in 1975 and has been described as 'Funk' and 'Soul'; the Lyntone matrix number, LYN-3158, appears to have served as a catalogue number as well.  By the time that 'Because' b/w 'Precious' (AR-003) came out records were being numbered in an AR-000 series - that particular single was a Reggae record, and seems to have been only available on 12", through distributors Jet Star.  If we guess that 'Everywhere' might have counted as AR-001, that leaves a possible AR-002 unaccounted for.  David Smith was featured in an article in the Kingston Gleaner of the 25th of November 1975, where he was described as a 'Jamaican born Rock singer', so he seems to have had several genres covered. Distributed By Jet Star Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

75 David Smith Everywhere b/w Midnight Hour ADELLA LYN 3158
75 Not Traced ADELLA AR 002
75 David Smith Because b/w Precious (12") ADELLA AR 003

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