Independent label: Ad-Rhythm Records was a specialist Electric Organ label, based in North Harrow.  Ad-Rhythm issued dozens of LPs from from 1967 to 73, mainly featuring organ renditions of popular tunes - the kind of thing which nowadays tends to turn up in charity shops and car boot sales - but it also released a handful seven-inch records.  A short series of rhythm-only EPs came out in 1967 with catalogue numbers in the AR-0s, and it looks as though at least sixteen singles were released from 1968 to73. These singles had numbers in the ADM- or ADS-500s, depending upon whether they were mono or stereo, and the first of them was Keith Beckingham's 'Love Is Blue' (ADS-501; 1968).  There were at least two different label designs, At least one EP, by the British Youth Wind Orchestra, was numbered in the BH-0s and was a product of Boosey & Hawkes.  Ad-Rhythm had a short-lived album-only Folk offshoot in the early '70s, called Teepee. Distributed By Ad-Rhythm Records . Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

72 The British Youth Wind Orchestra The British Youth Wind Orchestra AD-RHYTHM BH 1

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