Independent label:   A Soul label, started in 1968 by John Abbey.  Over the course of the next two years it issued numbers ACT-4500 to 4557, mostly on a red-and-yellow swirly label, reportedly through Island; though 4556 and 4557, with their new black labels and green logo, have a distinctly 'B&C family' look.  The label was revived in 1971, and numbers 4601 to 4624 were issued through Trojan.  At least the first half-dozen of these issues had the black and green label; but before long the colour scheme was changed to white with a blue logo.   Partway through the series the design itself was changed, and became more 'hip'-looking.   No singles were released from April 1974 until May 1975; when the label reappeared its numbering had changed to ACT-100, but the 'hip' design was retained.   The label seems to have closed down for good after the release of ACT-103. Thanks to Robert Lyons for the info. Distributed Trojan Records.

71 Johnson Norman & Showmen You'Re Everything ACTION ACT 4601
71 Sha Rae Billy Do It ACTION ACT 4602
72 Bobbettes Thats A Bad Thing To Know ACTION ACT 4603
72 Patterson Bobby I'M In Love With You ACTION ACT 4604
72 Lands Hoagy Why Didn'T You Let Me Know ACTION ACT 4605
72 Fowley Kim Born To Make You Cry ACTION ACT 4606
72 Maxey Joe S. Sign Of The Crab ACTION ACT 4607
72 Singing Principal Thank You Baby ACTION ACT 4608
73 Bo Eddie Check Your Bucket ACTION ACT 4609
73 Gaytones Soul Makossa ACTION ACT 4610
73 Jamaica Band Sticky Fingers ACTION ACT 4611
73 Buster Pearson Band Big Funky ACTION ACT 4612
73 Harrison Wilbert Get It While You Can ACTION ACT 4613
73 Five Miles Out Super Sweet Girl ACTION ACT 4614
73 Stanley I'Ll Go Down A Getcha ACTION ACT 4615
73 Backyard Heavies Just Keep On Truckin' ACTION ACT 4616
73 Edwards Mill I Found Myself ACTION ACT 4617
73 Esquires My Sweet Baby ACTION ACT 4618
73 Mcneil Aaron Soul Of A Black Man ACTION ACT 4619
74 Armstrong Chuck God Bless The Children ACTION ACT 4620
74 Green Tom Endless Confusion ACTION ACT 4621
74 Houston Bobbi I Want To Make It With You ACTION ACT 4622
74 Chosen Few Funky Butter ACTION ACT 4623
74 Wee Willie & Winners Get Some ACTION ACT 4624

75 Big Youth Natty No Jester ACTION ACT 101
75 Campbell Cornell Natty In Greenwitch Farm ACTION ACT 102
75 Thompson Linval  Natty Dread Girl  ACTION ACT 103

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