Independent label: Ace labels from the '70s was owned by Welsh singer David Alexander.  It seems to have been a family affair: Penny Page, who also recorded for Ace, was David Alexander's wife.  Alexander made his first single for Columbia in 1971 ('If I Could See The Rhondda One More Time'; DB-9044); he moved on to found his own company, and released a number of albums and singles over the years. Their numerical system seems a bit odd: ACE-78101 seems to have been followed by 78201 and then 79103; the series continued in the 79100s.  There was also a DAR-790.  The first two digits appears to refer to the year of issue, initially at least.  Ace operated from 433, Leasowe Road, Moreton, Wirral, Merseyside.  Sadly, David Alexander died in 1995. in Tenerife. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 David Alexander  So Many Ways ACE RECORDINGS ACE 78101
78 David Alexander  BennettīS Mighty Men ACE RECORDINGS ACE 78201
79 Penny Page  And Googi Googi The Liverpool Duck  ACE RECORDINGS ACE 79103
79 David Alexander  Answer To Everything ACE RECORDINGS ACE 79104
79 David Alexander  Green Green Grass Of Home ACE RECORDINGS ACE 79105
80 Penny Page  And Googi Googi The Liverpool Duck  ACE RECORDINGS ACE 79106
80 Alex Young One In A Million ACE RECORDINGS ACE 79107
81 David Alexander  I Love You ACE RECORDINGS ACE 79108
81 Page Penny & Goggi That Bird Song ACE RECORDINGS ACE 79109
81 David Alexander  Quaky Christmas ACE RECORDINGS ACE 79110
82 David Alexander  Just Out Of Reach ACE RECORDINGS ACE 79111
83 David Alexander Taste The Wine ACE RECORDINGS ACE 79112
83 David Alexander  She Wears My Ring ACE RECORDINGS ACE 79113
84 David Alexander St. Teresa Of The Roses ACE RECORDINGS ACE 79114
86 David Alexander  Power Of Love ACE RECORDINGS ACE 79120
78 David Alexander  My Wales ACE RECORDINGS DAR 790

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