Independent label: A peculiar label from the late '70s, based in 20 Cotton Lane, Withington, Manchester. Initially marketing was by Rabid and distribution was by Rabid / Rough Trade; Pinnacle took over in 1980, when the prefix changed to ASK.  Several items were re-released in September 1982 through Rock Steady / The Cartel, keeping the same number but using an 'ABS' prefix rather than the original 'ABSURD' one.  Labels came in both injection-moulded and paper  forms. The injection-moulded type came in silver as well as in gold. Distributed By Rough Trade Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

79 Blah Blah Blah In The Army ABSURD ABSURD 1
79 Fiction Eddie Ufo Part 1 ABSURD ABSURD 2
79 48 Chairs Snap It Around ABSURD ABSURD 3
79 Gerry & Holograms Gerry & Holograms ABSURD ABSURD 4
79 Gerry & Holograms The Emperor'S New Music ABSURD ABSURD 5
79 Mothmen Does It Matter Irene ABSURD ABSURD 6
80 Cairo I Like Blue Beat ABSURD ABSURD 7
80 Naafi Sandwich Slice One ABSURD ABSURD 8
80 Freshies Octopus ABSURD ABSURD 9
80 Bet Lynch'S Legs Riders In The Storm ABSURD ABSURD 10
80 Bet Lynch'S Legs Some Like It Hot ABSURD ASK 11
80 Not Issued ABSURD ASK 12
80 Not Issued ABSURD ASK 13
80 Not Issued ABSURD ASK 14
81 Cairo Movie Stars ABSURD ASK 15

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