Abrodisiac Records was a DIY label. It was responsible for at least two records.  The first was a self-titled LP by a band called 'The Open Brode'; it came out in 1971 and had a catalogue number of FRE-6988.  The second, which followed a year later, was an EP; it contained the tracks 'Haunted By Shadows', 'Keep On Moving', 'Christine' and 'The Open Road'.  Apparently there was no artist name on it, but the songwriter credits include someone called 'Brodie'; combine that with 'Open Road' and you get 'Open Broude', suggesting that the EP was by the same band which made the album.  The tracks have been described as 'Country / Folk', and the catalogue number was BRO-2000. The label had a connection to the University College London Folk Society.  Distributed By Abrodisiac Records. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 The Open Brode The open brode (Album) ABRODISIAC  FRE 6988
72 The Open Brode Haunted By Shadows ABRODISIAC  BRO 2000

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