Independent American label:  In 1950 Paramount Pictures Corporation split up into Paramount Pictures and United Paramount Theatres.  UPT joined up with the American Broadcasting Company in 1954, to form ABC/Paramount; in 1955 ABC/Paramount formed the AM-PAR recording company, which issued records on the ABC-Paramount label.   A name change followed, in 1962, when the 'Paramount' part was dropped.   ABC had a Jazz label, 'Impulse', and a Psychedelic Rock label, 'Probe'. It was sold to MCA in 1979, and ceased to exist as a label.  As far as Britain is concerned, to begin with, ABC material was issued over here on Stateside and Probe, through EMI.  In 1974 ABC entered a mutual marketing agreement with Anchor Records; Stateside and Probe were discontinued, and ABC product began to be issued on the ABC label as such, through EMI until mid 1975, then through CBS. The first, black, label bore a likeness to the other members of the Anchor family (Anchor, Impulse); the yellow, label dated from 1977 and was less restrained. The label with the 'note' logo dates from 1979 and possibly from late 1978; The black demo is from the EMI era, the white one from the CBS.   Catalogue numbers were in an ABC-4000 series. Distributed By EMI and CBS. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.



77 Steely Dan Dallas ABC SD 1
77 Alice Cooper Four Tracks From Alice Cooper (12") ABC ANE 12 001
77 Joe Walsh  Four Tracks From Joe Walsh ABC ABE 7 002
77 Steely Dan Four Tracks From Steely Dan (12") ABC ABE 12 003
77 Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan* Four Tracks From Rufus Featuring Chaka Khan ABC ABE 7 004
77 Ace Four Tracks From Ace (12") ABC ANE 12 005
77 Mamas & Papas* Four Tracks From Mamas & Papas ABC ABE 7 006
77 Isaac Hayes Movement / Isaac Hayes Four Tracks From Isaac Hayes (12") ABC ABE 12 007
77 Steppenwolf Four Tracks From Steppenwolf ABC ABE 7 008
77 Dave Mason Four Tracks From Dave Mason (12") ABC ABE 12 009
77 The James Gang Feat. Joe Walsh Four Tracks From (12") ABC ABE 12 010
77 Poco  Four Tracks From Poco (12") ABC ABE 12 011
77 The Pointer Sisters Four Tracks From The Pointer Sisters (12")  ABC ABE 12 012
77 The Crusaders Four Tracks From The Crusaders (12")  ABC ABE 12 013
77 Don Williams Four Tracks From Don Williams ABC ABE 7 014
77 Lloyd Price Four Tracks From Lloyd Price (12")  ABC ABE 12 015

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