Independent label: Abbot Sound Studios, of Chester, it has its own matrix series, AS-0, and it dates from the 1970s. an EP of highlights from a 1974 Llandudno 'Startime' variety show, starring British Music Hall veteran Alex Munro.  A circular label giving the barest of credits has been pasted over the original white label; you have to look at the run-off to find that the catalogue number was AS-4, and Abbot Sound Studios is only mentioned on the picture sleeve.  The run-off also has 'DER' on it, indicating that the EP was made through Deroy.  Abbot Sound was owned by Bob Turner of the Black Abbots band; the studio engineer and session guitarist when needed was Mick John.  It was a custom recording business - a firm that was paid by the artists to make records, as opposed to the usual sort of record company which pays artists to make records. Distributed By Abbot Sound Studios. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

74 Alex Munro Startime 1974 Abbot Sound No Cat Number

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