Independent label: British; the first UK independent company to be dedicated to Church music.   Abbey was formed in 1962 by Harry Mudd and Peter Myers, and it gained worldwide recognition over the decades in its particular field.  It was almost exclusively an album label; the vast majority of the 7" records that it put out were issued in the 1960s, but there was at least from the 1970s: Paul Dutton's 'Bless This House' (PDS-711), which came out in 1971 and was pressed by EMI.  EPs and LPs shared the same '600' numbering, which eventually became '700' and '800', but had different prefixes: EPs had an 'E-7' in front of the number, which gave way to an 'FE' prefix during 1968.  I assume the 'PDS' prefix of the Paul Dutton single stands for 'Paul Dutton Single', or possibly 'Paul Dutton Stereo'. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

71 Paul Dutton Paul Sings ABBEY PDS 711

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