Independent label: A short-lived association between A&M Records and Charlie Gillett and Gordon Nelki's 'Oval' company.  Oval had had its own label from 1974 until the middle of 1976, at which point it seems to have taken a break; it linked up with A&M in late 1978, and they proceeded to issue at least half-dozen singles, over the next ten months or so.  To judge from the list shown below, the singles seem to have been of a New Wave nature; their catalogue numbers were borrowed from A&M's main AMS-7000 series.  In September 1979 Oval struck out on its own again, and the A&M / Oval label was no more. Distributed By. Thanks to Robert Lyons For The Info.

78 Secret Night After Night A&M / OVAL  AMS 7404
78 Henry Bobby Headcase A&M / OVAL  AMS 7408
78 Shrink Valid Or Void A&M / OVAL  AMS 7409
79 Secret Hotel Caribineros A&M / OVAL  AMS 7432
79 Henry Bobby Soho Sad Show A&M / OVAL  AMS 7441
79 Shrink Silver Genes A&M / OVAL  AMS 7468

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